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Incrimination Newsletter | January 2015 Edition

on Tuesday, 03 February 2015. Posted in Newsletter

Incrimination Newsletter | January 2015 Edition

Happy New Year IncrimiNation!

Wow, 2014 was an awesome year for Incriminator Audio! We look forward to seeing what 2015 has in store! Incriminator Audio will continue to lead the market in product innovation while providing the absolute best service to our customers! We have some exciting new product offerings that we cannot wait to show the world! Happy New Year and bring on 2015!!

Shedder Basket Design Here is a patent drawing of the proprietary custom tooled Shredder basket that is now patent pending. What makes this new basket so good? 1.) More Xmax - Up to 75% more.... 2.) Interlocking Terminal - Quick assemble that allows for a larger spider. 3.) Stronger Frame - Bigger motors can be used. 4.) Larger Coils - Bigger opening for massive 4+ inch coils. 5.) Larger Spider - 10 1/8" spider diameter on the 12". 6.) Custom Look - Shredder design with recessed blades. 7.) Standard Cut Out - No more crazy over size cut outs. Are you ready?

Incrimination Newsletter | December 2014 Edition

on Tuesday, 03 February 2015. Posted in Newsletter

Incrimination Newsletter | December 2014 Edition

Merry Christmas IncrimiNation!

Incriminator Audio would like to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas! What better gift can you give or receive than a pair of Incriminator Subs or a new amplifier? Contact your local Incriminator Audio dealer for more information. With a little added bass, Jingles Bells never sounded so gooooood!

The Judge is a brand new driver added to the Incriminator Audio line-up, which falls into our Reserve Series. The Reserve Series is our signature line of ultra-high performance drivers that are designed to deliver flawless results and non-compromised engineering. The Judge was designed to be an all-out SPL driver that is based on standard ferrite, unlike the Warden that is based on a neodymium platform. The Judge with its 10" double stacked motor, which comes in at 80 pounds, will deliver as much magnetic force as possible without going to neo. Simply put it's designed to be the biggest, baddest, most elite driver you can buy in a traditional design. With onboard rear supplemental vents, dome shaped pole with six inner pole vents and our Air-Driven Cooling (ADC) this motor can even be used for daily applications, even though it was designed for competition SPL formats.

Incrimination Newsletter | November 2014 Edition

on Monday, 17 November 2014. Posted in Newsletter

Incrimination Newsletter | November 2014 Edition

From Incriminator to the IncrimiNation...THANK YOU!

Incriminator Audio would like to thank each and every one of you for making this our best year ever! We are growing our dealer network at a rapid pace. The sales from our dealer network allows us to continue to invest in the latest technology in order to keep giving our customers the best products available in car audio. Thank you again for all of your support and with you we will make 2015 even better!

Competitor Spotlight

Incriminator Audio would like to congratulate Will Mantlo- World Champion in MECA Street 4 @ 154.0 db @ 37hz, and National points champion in MECA Street 4 with 4 Death Penalty 15's on 4 x IA20.1's! Will is also an Incriminator Audio Authorized Dealer at Bills Wholesale, 161 Kraft Street, Clarksville, TN.

Incrimination Newsletter | October 2014 Edition

on Thursday, 30 October 2014. Posted in Newsletter

Incriminator at World Finals

Incrimination Newsletter | October 2014 Edition

Wow is it time to slow down or what??? Incriminator Audio has had an extremely exciting and busy month of October but were back, settled in and gearing up for the holiday sales. Check out what we have been up to this month!!

Featured Dealer

Incriminator Audio would like to recognize Steve Cook and his team at Audio X as this month's featured dealer. Audio X is located at 210 Seville Street Florence, AL (256) 764-4111.

As a former World Champion, Steve Cook knows what it takes to be the best. Steve has 24 world records for loudest car stereo, multiple world championships (world cup) winner for SPL and Sq. He has been a dealer of Incriminator Audio products for many years. If they can't make your car sound and look great, no one can! Audio X has over 20 years of experience in creating great sounding car audio systems and we are proud to have them as a part of our dealer network!

Incrimination Newsletter | September 2014 Edition

on Thursday, 30 October 2014. Posted in Newsletter

Spotlight on the world of Incriminator Audio

Incrimination Newsletter | September 2014 Edition

Incriminator Audio is pleased to bring you our first INCRIMINATION Newsletter! We will be highlighting some of the exciting news from our world. We will bring you information about our latest product offerings, upcoming events, tips and tricks for maximum performance of our products, spotlight our valued dealers in your area, and many other informative pieces.

The Story Behind the Skull

The Death Penalty line of subwoofers is our only product that does not carry the traditional IA logo. The Skull design is vastly popular amongst our customers and easily recognizable as the Death Penalty woofer. You may ask, "Why choose the Skull and not the IA logo??"

Many people associate the skull with death and destruction and this idea can easily be identified with the name that our woofer bares. However, throughout history the Skull is often used as a symbol of nonconformity, free-thinking, and rebelliousness. It comes from the image of the pirate, the black flag (Jolly Roger), which has been around for centuries. It is an image of being a rebel, someone who lives life by different rules. Incriminator shared these same beliefs when we designed the first Death Penalty woofer and we continue to stand by those principles today.

At Incriminator Audio we do not have the same mindset as our competitors. When the idea to create Incriminator Audio emerged, the whole concept was about breaking the mold that every other main stream company had established. While other companies spend money making their products pretty, we make our products the most powerful and most durable by using the highest quality materials available. We chose a bold logo and a brand name that stick out in any place. Incriminator Audio will never conform to the industry standard by sacrificing quality for price. We will continue to offer top quality products that out perform the industry and sell them at a competitive price.


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